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Wito Rodriguez Does It Again!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Rep. Dom., February 02, 2022.- Wito Rodriguez starts this year with his new single called "Mujer Prohibida", in collaboration with La Machín Orquesta de México.

"Mujer Prohibida" is the third song in collaboration with this orchestra and has excellent musical arrangements by maestro Wiston Biur. In addition, it is composed by the Peruvian Luis Francisco Montilla.

Consequently, this phonogram was released and distributed by the NMJ Animal Music Records, LLC label, under the musical production of Dovelin Primera and recorded between Heavens Melody Studio Florida, Dale Cerebro Studio Venezuela and Twins Studio Sounds Mexico.

It should be noted, the collaborations made previously with La Machín Orquesta, are: "Una Sola Clave" and "Basta Ya". These musical cuts have been very successful in Mexico and several Latin American countries.

"Mujer Prohibida" is available on all digital platforms from February 4 and can be seen through the following link:

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